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We are on a Quest to find an ORIGINAL SONG with a POSITIVE MESSAGE against all VIOLENCE.

 Want an opportunity to make YOUR voice heard through YOUR Music?

Want to make a DIFFERENCE in your Community?

Are You aged between 12 and 19 years, either a solo artist or in a band?

Want to PERFORM in front of a live audience and panel of judges?


Step 1

 See what you can win!!!

There are some awesome prizes available for the different categories. Check them out to see what you could WIN!

Step 2

Make sure you Qualify

Check the dates, rules and age requirements before entering so you know you meet all criteria for this years competition.

Step 3

Register your interest

Thinking about it? If you are interested in entering the competition and want to know if your eligible please let us know!

Step 4

Register for the show

Once we receive your registration of interest we will be in touch with your password to complete the entry form.

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